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videoMy mission is to give personalized attention and help families come to an agreement they are happy with. I will use my experience and proven techniques to help families to move forward. I will strive to to assist families through difficult issues.

Mediating Family Disputes

Mediation allows the families involved in conflicts or disputes an opportunity to make decisions and work out the details in a manner that is best for their family. The family works with a mediator who helps the parties to explore the options and alternatives available for resolution. The process is confidential to allow the parties to share their thoughts and ideas freely with no fear of reprisal. The mediator acts as a neutral facilitator who directs the process and memorializes the agreement. Mediation allows each person involved in a family case the opportunity to be heard and to feel validated.


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"I've had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Dasher as a mediator on several family law matters. Mrs. Dasher brings a wealth of experience from her prior career as a family law mediator for Clay County, Florida, which is one reason I choose to work with her. Family law is extremely high conflict, and Mrs. Dasher's mediation skills help broken families resolve their issues so that they may move forward with their lives. I will gladly continue to use Mrs. Dasher in many of my family law cases."

- Aaron Irving, Attorney at Law

"Lisa has successfully mediated several of my cases. She is a pleasure to work with and is a talented mediator. "

- Julie Ann Rountree, Attorney

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